Over the last year, menstrual cups have been rising in popularity, with articles being featured in mass media and popular newspapers such as the Guardian. Unfortunately, there has also been a rise in knock-off (fake) menstrual cups being available to consumers. We want to warn you of the dangers of buying a knock-off, as the price tag can be quite tempting. And we want you to be informed, and most importantly safe! As someone who maybe new to the whole “vagina cup thing, it’s not a good idea to go shopping for your first menstrual cup on massive selling platforms, such as eBay and Amazon. There are more fakes on there than you could shake a stick at! There are also, of course, some genuine menstrual cups on their too, but it can be very hard to differentiate between the two,opt for retailers that specialise in reusable menstrual products and eco-living, such as us! We ONLY supply genuine menstrual cups and they all are safety tested. Beware, knock-off cups can be advertised as being made of silicone, but don’t be fooled! There are two different types of silicone ‘medical grade’ and ‘industrial grade’ so be cautious and make sure your new cup is made of medical grade silicone.

Is my cup a fake?
Unless your an expert in the field, like us, it can be really hard to tell the difference. But signs to look out for are: the seams of the cup are finished off poorly, most knock-off cups are so bad quality that they simply fall apart when sterilising or first use. Yikes! How cheap was your cup? It is not possible to make a cup out of medical grade silicone or TPE (both safe materials) for £0.99 let alone sell it! Give these menstrual cups a miss, cheaper is not always better! But my cup looks just like the Diva cup! Who likes a copycat?! Most knockoff cups are (illegal) copies of genuine cups. If you are unsure if whether your cup is a knockoff or not, be safe rather than sorry! Buy a new menstrual cup or get expert advice.

What happens when things go pear shaped?
What happens when your new cup falls apart, or heaven forbid, it refuses to come out! Well.. it is highly likely that the seller won’t reply to your frantic/angry emails if they can even speak English. Unlike us, they don’t really care much about customer service. We do! Whatever problem you have whether it’s general advice or support choosing your first cup, we are always happy to help!

In short!
Save your pennies and don’t go for the cheapest option.
Do your research.
Buy from a reputable trusted retailer, we care about our customers, and are always happy to help you if need be.
Be smart
Be safe
Be happy!