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Our new collection of modern cloth pads, peacocks and bright floral patterns to brighten up the dark gloomy days. Go and check it out!

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The smarter, healthier and cost-effective menstrual product

Make the switch, have a browse and check out our great resources.

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Always there when you need it.

Buy one, give one.

For every Ruby cup purchased one Ruby cup is donated to a schoolgirl in need.

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New ImseVimse pads

100% organic cotton flannel pads!

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Moodsmooth Body Lotion

PMS just met its match: that sense of building tension, and general ‘mad at the world’ state of irritation has found a gentle buffer.

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Welcome to Eco Dreams
Specialist ethical online retailer offering earth conscious alternatives to disposable sanitary pads and tampons. Our large range of eco-friendly menstrual care products and accessories are not only better for the planet and your body they also save you money! So ditch the chemicals, waste and make the switch for a better period experience.

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