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Modern cloth sanitary pads that are designed to outperform disposables. Made of eco-friendly textiles and ethically manufactured in the UK .

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Join the growing community of people making the switch to cloth sanitary pads for a healthier, more comfortable and cost-effective menstrual product.

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Ready to make the switch but not sure where to start? Our guide makes it easy with expert tips and advice to meet your specific needs.

Your purchase helps us keep girls in School.

Through our charitable projects we aim to create sustainable change where it is needed most. Enabling girls all over the world to have a brighter future!

 Our products

Ethically made in the UK with sustainable fabrics, designed to outperform disposables!

  • Day Pad Little monsters

  • Day Pad flowers on white

  • Reusable menstrual pad

    Day Pad flowers on navy

  • Washable sanitary pads

    Day Pad Greenmeadow


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