About us:
Eco dreams was founded on 4th June 2015 and was the brainchild of two sisters. We created a company with a simple, yet powerful mission; to make the lives of girls and women around the world easier, healthier and happier through innovative ideas and products. At the heart of this company is our business model, which puts the environment and people before profit. We believe in creating sustainable, ethical and environmentally friendly products in all stages of the development process. All the products we sell have met our strict criteria, ensuring that they are safe, ethically produced and as environmentally friendly as possible. This stringent approach is largely what sets us apart from our competitors, Eco dreams is the only company of its kind in the industry.

We only stock the very best products on the market today.

All the companies we work with are checked and approved by us. We spend a great amount of time, researching the ingredients and the manufacturing process. We are very knowledgeable about the products we stock. We only support companies that hold themselves to our high standards of ethics, safety and sustainability, creating a web of connections and partnerships to support ethical businesses. Our customers can buy with confidence, knowing that their purchase is of the highest quality.
We believe that businesses can be more than simply money making machines. We believe that businesses can be change agents, that they can lift up communities, protect rather than destroy the environment and have a positive impact on all social, economic, and environmental levels. We regularly take part in charitable work and sponsor campaigns. It may seem like such a small thing to provide a girl or a woman with a menstrual cup, or set of cloth pads to manage her period. After all, are food, medical supplies and education more important than a menstrual cup? Providing a girl or a woman with a means of safely managing menstruation is equally just as important. A disadvantaged girl can miss up to 20% of the school year due to not having access to adequate means of managing her period. Over time this can cause a major gap in her education or she may drop out of school completely. By providing a girl with the means of managing her period, we are giving her the key to fulfilling her potential. Enabling her to work her way out of poverty and serve her community. There is actually a name for this – it’s called the Girl Effect! We bring solutions, health and dignity to an underserved population of women in the UK and around the world.
Protecting our environment is one of the most important things we can do.This is reflected in the products we sell and our business practices. We favour products that are made in the EU and made by artisans and work at home mums. We always try to use certified organic fabrics but this is not always possible and sometimes the fabrics will get mixed with non-organic ones. We do not label our pads as organic even though they may contain organic fabrics. We fully understand the implications of using cotton and other fabrics that use up a lot of our planets resources, we only use the highest quality cottons, flannels etc to ensure our products are as durable as they can be and therefore will reduce their environmental impact. We also try and do as much as possible on site to reduce our carbon footprint. All of our beautiful hand dyed fabrics are died and all of our cloth pads are made by us on site. We also use 100% recyclable packaging and our business cards are made out of recycled paper.

Connection – our customers are very important to us. We want “making the switch to reusable menstrual products” to be as easy as possible for you. If you ever have a question or query, we are always happy to help. We are very knowledgeable about the products that we stock and can advise you on everything from cleaning routines to choosing the perfect menstrual cup for you. And of course it is entirely confidential. Even though we have made great progress in busting the “bloody taboo” surrounding Menstruation, there is still a social stigma surrounding periods. Some women can find it awkward or embarrassing to talk about their experiences. Our team are open and honest about a critical link in the cycle of life: menstruation. There are no automated email responses, and if you call us you’ll be talking to a real human. If you ever have a question or query we are always happy to help.

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