About us.

The company was founded in 2015 by two 18-year-old twin sisters to tackle period poverty and the growing environmental problems that disposable period products are causing. We were the first company to run a national advertising campaign in the UK promoting reusable menstrual products. Last year we launched our new range of modern reusable period pads designed with the modern women in mind. Our pads feature high-tech sustainable fabrics and are the slimmest pads available on the market in the UK.  

Our production is split between our studio in Buckinghamshire and our ethical manufacturing partner in South Devon. We use some of the most ethical and sustainable fabrics on the market manufactured in the EU and USA. We estimate our pads would last for 8 years + making them  some of the most high quality and most cost-effective pads on the market compared to other brands. Plus all our pads come with a lifetime warranty on their snaps.

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