Starter sets

Not sure what to choose? Our pre-assembled starter sets offer a customised selection of products for varying needs and budgets. Each of our starter sets contains an assortment of cloth pad sizes tailored for different needs and body types. Our starter sets are a fun and easy way to start your switch to cloth menstrual pads and menstrual cups. 

  • cloth panty liners set

    Panty liner pack of 4

  • Trial kit cloth pads

    Trial starter kit

  • Night Pad pack of 3

  • Fun Cup Explore Kit

  • Lunette cup starter bundle

    Lunette cup starter bundle

  • Day Pad Booster Pack

  • Teen Starter Kit by eco dreams

    Teen Starter Kit

  • Cloth sanitary pads starter kit

    Starter kit

  • Post birth kit


New to cloth pads?

Our modern cloth pads come in a wide range of absorbencies, sizes and fabrics to meet the needs of every woman. Click to find out everything you need to know about starting out with cloth pads.