If you are new to menstrual cups, you may be thinking, what the hell does it have to do with my cervix?
The answer is everything! Its perfectly possible to use a menstrual cup without knowing your cervix height. But knowing how high your cup may ride up, and which cup would suit you best is always good, right? Plus it makes sense financially too. Most menstrual cup diagrams show the cups sitting just past the pubic bone, with the entire cup “including the stem” inside the vagina. However thanks to the uniqueness of each woman’s body, the cup won’t sit like that in everyone’s body. It can sit higher up around the cervix or lowdown just inside the vagina. And for some women it can even vary depending on which day of her period it is.

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So….. the next question is how do I find my cervix, well it’s quite easy really, all you have to do is stick a finger up there….Oh and while you’re on your period!!! Errrr…. Now it isn’t really that bad, I promise, first wash your hands thoroughly, and (relax) then stick your longest finger inside your vagina. See, I bet you never knew you were so brave” Then reach as far up inside you as you can, your cervix should feel something like the tip of your nose. Bear in mind that you may pass your cervix. Your cervix may not be actually at the end of your vagina, it can be leaning to one side or be slightly lower. Ever wondered why you would bleed off to one side? Well, it’s because your cervix was pointing in that direction. Who knew?!
So now that you found your cervix, and are done getting up close and personal with your lady parts! Mission accomplished.We can now move on to measuring. Just before your finger has to say goodbye to the inside of your vagina, take note of how far your finger has to go before it touches your cervix. If you can only insert the tip of your finger down to the first knuckle, then you have a very low cervix. If you insert your finger up to the second knuckle, then you have a low to medium cervix. And if you can insert your finger all the way, then you have a high cervix. And if you can’t feel it at all then you have a very high cervix. You can also use a ruler held up against your finger for an accurate measurement.
Now that you know your cervix height and gotten to know your lady parts, you’re in a much better position to choose the best menstrual cup for you! However at Eco dreams we know that with all the different brands,sizes, and stiffnesses, choosing your menstrual cup for the first time can still be a bit confusing and daunting. So we have designed a service where one of our team selects the menstrual cups that would fit you the best. Our menstrual cups sizer service is completely confidential, and best of all it’s FREE!!! If you are having difficulties finding your cervix, or have questions about any our products. Just contact us, and chat to one of the team, we’ll take good care of you!