Back in 2015, my partner in crime Laurene wrote a blog post on the struggles we faced as an ethical company you can read it here and as we transition through our next stage of growth it seemed fitting to write an update to that blog post.

When many of our fellow retailers turn their backs on small cottage industry and ethically made pads choosing instead to import mass-produced cloth pads made in China at very low cost. Not only are these pads bad for the planet as they are entirely made out of synthetic fabrics which do not biodegrade. We were also very concerned about the working conditions for the factory workers as none of these companies have ever been able to prove adequate working conditions and fair pay. And at under £1 per pad, we were more than a little sceptical.

For 6 years now we (that’s me and Laurene) have been sewing every single Eco dreams pad that has ever been sold from our office based in Buckinghamshire UK. But as the business has grown we haven’t been able to keep up with demand so it was time to get a manufacturer on-board. As a company that believes in giving back, we wanted a manufacturing partner that shared our beliefs and mission after all just because something is made in the UK doesn’t mean it’s ethically made. After many months of searching and disappointment, we are delighted to be partnering with a women’s empowerment project based in London. By choosing to partner with manufacturers that share the same values as us we are able to continuously create a positive change in our supply chain.

We’re proud that all our seamstresses are guaranteed a living wage and good working conditions because that’s how it should be! Our new collection sewn by some wonderful seamstresses will be launching soon and we can’t wait to share them with you. 

We also hope that this change will allow us in time to donate a pad for every pad we sell! But we can’t do it without you, if you believe in our mission and values then help us make an even bigger positive impact for women’s health and the environment in 2018. Start a conversation! Starting conversations is the single most powerful tool for social change and we hope you’ll use your voice to create a positive impact.