Nowadays, there is an overwhelming amount of choice and new brands are popping up all the time. All the different sizes and brands can be mind-boggling so in this post I’ll be sharing my tips and tricks to find your perfect menstrual cup.

Just like a pair of gloves one size does not fit all so be aware that you don’t have to follow the brands sizing chart. Most brands recommend that you get the smaller size if you are under 30 and have not given birth and the larger size if you are over 30 and had children. Some brands even recommend that you choose the size on whether or not you have had intercourse ( virginity has nothing to do with sizing your menstrual cup correctly). If you are a virgin don’t automatically think that you will need the smallest menstrual cup available, virgins can use a larger menstrual cup just as well as people that have had intercourse.

The 2 most important things you should consider is your cervix height and your pelvic floor tone. You will need to know how high your cervix is in order to choose the correct length for you. Whether you have a very low, medium, high or very high cervix will determine the length of the menstrual cup that you choose. For a detailed post on how to find your cervix click here

Your pelvic floor tone is a very important factor to take into consideration when choosing the firmness of your menstrual cup. If you are 12-25years old, your pelvic floor will most likely be good or very good. The older you get the weaker your pelvic floor muscles will get, however if you have been keeping up with your pelvic floor exercises or do yoga, pilates or any other activities that exercise your pelvic floor you will most likely still have a good pelvic floor. We often get asked how do I know if I’ve got a good pelvic floor? This easy exercise will give you a good idea of your pelvic floor strength. Sit on a chair upright. Squeeze your pelvic floor muscles . You should be able to feel like your bladder is being lifted upwards.

Once you know your cervix height and your pelvic floor strength, you can decide on what features you would like in your menstrual cup. Would you like a medical grade silicone cup or a cup made out of TPE? The medical grade silicone cups tend to be more expensive and they pop open better than cups that are made out of TPE. But those cups can be more comfortable for some women as the TPE moulds to your body better than silicone.

Would you like a firmer cup or softer cup?
Firmer menstrual cups are better for people with a prolapse or weak pelvic floor muscles as the stiffer resistance will help keep the cup in place, also cups with larger rims such as the Femme cup or Moon cup are especially good for ladies with a prolapse. On the other hand if you have a good pelvic floor or very strong pelvic floor muscles you will also need a stiffer menstrual cup. As a softer menstrual cup may not pop open properly inside you.

A softer resistance menstrual cup are good for people that have a sensitive urethra or that experience cramping when using tampons.

What menstrual cup do you recommend to beginners?
There isn’t really a menstrual cup that is perfect for beginners. It’s about finding out which cup works best for your body. But we do recommend the Lunette cup and the Me Luna cup classic medium, stem for beginners as they are great cups to start out with.

Here is a stiffness chart of all the menstrual cups that we stock.

Softer resistance menstrual cups
Lily cup
Lily cup compact
Me Luna cup soft

Medium resistance menstrual cups
Lunette cup
Me Luna cup classic

Firmer resistance menstrual cups
Me Luna cup sport
Ruby cup
Femme cup

Comparison photos
Still confused? you can use our menstrual cup sizing form for further assistance.

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