1 MyFLO Period Tracker by FLO Living LLC ($1.99)

My FLO Period tracker is a period tracking app like no other. it helps you fix your hormonal symptoms including acne, period pain and more. It gives you suggestions on how best to support your body during the different phases of your menstrual cycle through nutritional advice. It comes in at number one because we think it’s one of the best apps for functionality and it’s feature rich interface. Check it out here

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2 Clue Period Tracker: Period & Ovulation Calendar (FREE)

By far one of the most popular and widely used period tracking apps. Clue boasts a beautifully simple design and a user-friendly interface. Clue is one of the most gender neutral period apps out there! Which makes it perfect for non-binary and transgendered people. Inputting data into Clue is super simple and extremely quick. If you’re looking for a reliable app that is intuitive to use Clue is for you. Check it out here

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3 Groove – Period & Fertility Tracker (FREE)

Groove is one of the less well-known period tracker apps on the market but don’t let that put you off. Groove has a tonne of features similar to Clue, however, Groove is more geared towards natural family planning, in particular, the sympto-thermal method. Groove also reminds you to input data so you get the best results out of the app. This app is filled with information and is easy to use. Why not give it ago here

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4 Eve Period Tracker: Menstrual Calendar, Sex Tips (FREE)

Eve has been criticised for not having many features, however, we think it’s a good basic period tracking app and is fairly accurate. It’s also more sex positive than some of the other apps. You can also chat with other Eve users through the app which is pretty cool. Check it out here

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