1: Comfort! If there’s anything your Lady bits need at this time, it’s comfort! Cloth pads are super comfortable, they do not irritate your skin like disposables do and do not contain any chemicals.

2: They do not stick to you! Ever had the unpleasant experience of having to give yourself a free wax because your pad somehow managed to get stuck to you. As you can imagine this unpleasant experience can take on a whole new meaning when you have stitches. Cloth pads fasten around the gusset of your underwear with the popper, so there is no adhesive to get stuck to you!

3: No leaks, postpartum bleeding can be a bit crazy! Our postpartum cloth pads are designed especially to hold up to a heavy flow. So you can relax and focus on taking care of you and your baby.

4: There for the next baby! Though cloth pads can initially be an investment, they will pay for themselves several times over during their lifespan. Whether it’s your first, second, third or fourth baby you can rely on your postpartum pads stash to make it a more comfortable experience.