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These innovative pads are specially designed for active women, and are designed to cope with intense physical activity. Whether your breaking sweat at the gym or cycling 10k, the sport pad will keep you feeling dry and comfortable. The shape has been specially designed to fit snuggly against your body with smooth side seems insuring there will be no chafing for legs that are busy pedalling away! The top fabric is pro-cool jersey, a fabric widely used in the sportswear industry as it wickes away moisture quickly leaving you feeling dry and comfortable. The inner core is made of bamboo terry towelling, bamboo is also a sustainable fabric and is super thin and absorbent. You also have the option of having PUL in the core of the pad to make it completely waterproof. The backing is a super soft polar fleece ensuring maximum grip to your underwear as well as being a brilliant water resistant layer.

26cm 9.5 inches long
6.5cm 2.5inches wide when snapped
Pro-cool top fabric
Bamboo towelling PUL inner core
Fleece backing

PLEASE NOTE: That these are made to order therefore it can take up to 5 weeks for your order to be completed.

We must stress that all our items are handmade and may have a few imperfections however this will not affect the overall functionality of the item.

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