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Our post birth kit is the perfect gift for any expectant mother or why not treat yourself post-birth to some comfy soft pads. Our pads are ultra-absorbent and topped with a soft and super wicking fabric for complete comfort. Leaving you to focus on taking care of you and your baby! includes a wet bag to make it even easier to store your pads.

This postpartum kit contains:

6 x Night/postpartum pads 12 inches long and 3 inches wide.
Medium Wet Bag, Black- 28×26 cm

Key features:

  • Ultra wicking top fabric to keep you feeling fresh and dry.
  • Specially designed to contour your body for a comfortable fit.
  • Ultra-thin so they won’t show through your clothes.
  • Blacktop fabric so you don’t have to worry about stains any more.
  • Manufactured in the UK with high-quality eco fabrics that are free from harsh chemicals.
  • Lifetime warranty on snaps.

 Modern, Ultra-thin Cloth sanitary pads Construct it from a high-tech blend of eco fabrics.
100% polyester, 70% Bamboo Viscose, 30% Organic Cotton, 64% polyester, 36% polyurethane,100% Cotton
Snaps Oekotex Certified.

Wash before use.
Simply wash with other laundry at 30/40 c in mesh laundry bag without fabric softener and hang dry. Making the switch to cloth sanitary pads can be an upfront investment that’s why we’ve comprised a handy washing guide here so that you get the most out of your cloth sanitary pads and keep them looking like new.

Find out how your purchase helps us build a brighter future for girls and women facing period poverty here

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