Moodsmooth Remedy oil by Lunette

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Aromatherapy Oil

Unique blend of highest quality essential oils & flower essences from the pure Finnish nature.

Natural extracts ease ache, brighten the mind and energize the body.

Experience Lunette’s soothing and healing oil – designed to support your body and mental balance before and during menstruation.

Flower drops are sourced from pure nature in Finland, including St. John’s Wort which lifts the mood and improves sleep quality; Juniper which strengthens and nourishes the muscles and metabolism; Northern Labrador Tea which heals pain and emotional turmoil; Chickweed which purifies the mind; and pure essences of Orange and Lavender for positivity and relaxation.

Held to the highest European standards, our essential oils are 100 % pure aromatic plant oils extracted from flowers, leaves, roots, fruits and resins, and contain no synthetic substances.

The convenient roll-on can be used anytime you need an energetic boost or mood support during your period.

Now you can say goodbye to hormonal and menstrual headaches!

Lunette <3 you!

10ml roll-on