Lunette cup starter bundle


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Get started with this great value Lunette cup starter bundle.This bundle contains everything that you would need to get started with a lunette menstrual cup. Handy wipes for when you are out and about, the lunette feel better cup cleanser for when you are at home and need a gentle soap to wash out your lunette cup with.

The lunette menstrual cup is one of the best menstrual cups for beginners, choose from 5 different colours and two sizers.

Choose Model 1 if you have a light to moderate flow or have a low cervix.

Choose Model 2 if you have a heavy flow and have a high cervix.

This Lunette menstrual cup bundle contains:

One Lunette cup in your choice of size and colour.

One box of Lunette wipes pack of 10

One bottle of Lunette feel better cup cleanser

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