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Our Intro starter bundle is designed to be the perfect introduction to using cloth pads without breaking the bank.
It will give you a feel for the different sizes and absorbencies available so that you will have a better idea of what will work best for you.

All of our starter sets are discounted so it also works out cheaper too.

This starter bundle contains:
1 x 7-inch panty liner

Our 7-inch Pantyliners are an ultra-thin, super-breathable option for everyday wear or as a backup for your menstrual cup or tampon.
The Pantyliner is approximately 7 inches long and 2 Inches wide when snapped together.
18cm or 7 inches long
6cm or 2 inches wide when snapped
100% cotton top fabric
100% cotton inner core
Fleece backing
Our Pantyliners are suitable for everyday wear or very light flow, spotting, backup protection, or for slight bladder leaks.

1 x 8 inch light flow pad

The Light to moderate flow cloth pad is suitable for your light to regular flow days. Our modern cloth pads were designed with your comfort and durability in mind. Made from sustainable fabrics that have antibacterial properties and that are easy to care for. You can easily tell what absorbency our modern cloth pads are the last snap colour on the left wing of our cloth pads. A green snap indicates a light to moderate absorbency.
We estimate that one of our cloth pads can replace 500+ disposable sanitary pads.
21cm or 8 inches long
6cm or 2 inches wide when snapped
100% cotton top fabric
One layer of Bamboo hemp terry inner core
Fleece backed

We want making the switch to our modern cloth pads to be a worthwhile investment for you so that you get the most out of your cloth pads and keep them looking like new. We highly recommend that you follow our washing guide that can be found here

Cloth pads are ethically made by Eco Dreams in the UK. We must stress that all our items are handmade and may have a few imperfections however this will not affect the overall functionality of the item.
Please note: that photos are stock photos and that you may not receive the exact item pictured, i.e pattern placement may vary.


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