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Honouring your cyclical nature with essential oils

You know those days when you read the same sentence 10 times but still don’t know what it says....guess what?! For us as women, at certain times of the month, that is totally normal and we haven’t had an overnight robbery of our IQ!! It wasn’t until I began...

The Best Zero Waste Beauty Brands

Now that you've decided to ditch the chemicals and plastics it's time to make your beauty routine zero waste. But where do you start?  Here is a  lineup of our favourite zero waste beauty brands. Nurturing soul Nurturing soul is a small UK-based business making...

Supplements to calm a grumpy uterus!

Supplements are widely being used to help with period and hormonal symptoms, but with so many on the market it can be hard to know which ones to get. In this blog post I will be sharing my top supplements for calming a grumpy uterus! The supplements listed in this...

Autism & Cloth Pads

it’s autism awareness month, and to celebrate here is a post dedicated to autism and cloth pads! Autism is a spectrum condition, which can affect people in different ways. However, one prevalent issue that people on the spectrum experience is sensory processing...

How to have a more comfortable smear test.

Smear tests! We know they are essential, but why aren't we getting them?Embarrassment, shame over the appearance of our bodies, anxiety over the procedure. With cervical cancer screening rates at a record low, we wanted to share our top tips to make the whole process...

KegelSmart by Intimina Review

With around 1 in 3 women suffering from pelvic floor problems, isn’t it about time we all became Kegel savvy? And Yes, Men I’m looking at you too! Most of us don’t give our pelvic floor much thought that is in till we leak a little bit of urine every time we sneeze...

Menstrual cup or menstrual disk? Which is better?

With the launch of the new ziggy cup by Intimina, we thought it was about time that we break down the pros and cons and main differences of these two menstrual cups! Menstrual disks first came onto the market under the brand name instead soft cups. They...

How to use a menstrual cup for the first time.

Making the switch to a menstrual cup can feel a little daunting as you have to get used to managing your period in a completely different way. We have written this guide to help you on your way to becoming a happy menstrual cup user and avoid some of the common...

5 Tips for buying your first cloth pads

We often get asked here at Eco dreams for our tips for getting started with cloth pads so we've written this post to help you get started with purchasing your very first cloth pads. We're sure you'll never go back to disposables once you've tried cloth! 1.Buy a...

This is why making the switch to cloth pads isn’t going back to the stone age!

Believe it or not, making the switch to cloth pads is empowering! You have control over your menstrual care, you are not at the mercy of your local supermarket stocking your favourite brand of sanitary pads and you are not having to give your money to a huge...

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This page contains lots of in-depth information about caring for and using Sea sponge tampons.

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