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The Ultimate Guide To Eco-Friendly Period Products

Eco-friendly period products? Is it a step too far in our quest to be eco-friendly and sustainable? I think we can all agree that period products are an absolute necessity and with an estimated, 1.5 billion period products flushed down toilets in the UK every year. We...

Do Menstrual Cups Really Suction To Your Cervix?

Great question! 🤔 This is actually one of the biggest menstrual cup myths going around the interweb at the moment. Menstrual cups do NOT suction directly to the cervix, and here’s why…. Tampons are designed to be worn up against the cervix, where they absorb the blood...

Plastic in your pants, what’s the big deal?!

Plastic in your pants, what’s the big deal?!  Plastic is derived from crude oil, and we all know how bad that is for the environment, but it doesn’t stop there! When it comes to menstrual products, they are constantly being produced and discarded. In one year alone we...

The best menstrual cups for beginners 2020

We know that making the switch to a menstrual cup can be rather daunting and confusing. There are so many brands out there now but which one do you choose? With over eight years of industry experience, we've put together a list of the best menstrual cups for beginners...

Planning your life and work around your periods?

Have you ever considered planning your life and work around your periods? Otherwise known as Cycle syncing. It’s been something I’ve been doing for several years due to my endometriosis. At first, I resented having to plan my life around my periods. Little did I know...

How to build a functional stash of cloth pads in a pandemic

Over the past month our world has been turned upside down and life as we know it has changed. The uncertainty and the rapid development of the situation with no guaranteed end in sight, has left many of us feeling fearful and anxious. Many of us worry about getting...

Here’s why the Fun Cup is one of my favourite cups!

The rather unique design of the Fun Cup is ergonomically shaped to fit your anatomy which makes it very comfortable to use. It’s one of the easiest cups out there to insert. For a small cup, it has a good capacity. The Fun Cup is made of buttery soft medical silicone...

Using cloth pads for stress incontinence

Cloth pads and stress incontinence. Choosing cloth pads to help manage the symptoms of urinary incontinence is a bit different from choosing them for your period. In this blog post, we will be breaking down what you should be looking for in a cloth pad you intend to...

Donating products is not enough! Creating sustainable change in our charity work.

This is a photo of Kibera, the largest slum in Nairobi, and the largest urban slum in Africa. As you can imagine access to proper sanitation in places like Kibera is poor.  There is no running water or toilet facilities, residents dispose of excreta in plastic bags...

There is more then one type of PCOS

One in every five women in the UK suffers from PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). But did you know that there is more then one type of PCOS? Sometimes PCOS doesn't look like weight gain, acne, and more body hair! Sometimes it looks like months or even years of...

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