You know those days when you read the same sentence 10 times but still don’t know what it says….guess what?! For us as women, at certain times of the month, that is totally normal and we haven’t had an overnight robbery of our IQ!! It wasn’t until I began specialising in with working holistically with women, that I became deeply aware of how different women’s energies are to men’s. We are cyclical beings living in a masculine, linear world….men’s energy is very action based and can go and go and go and go!! However, women’s energy ebbs and flows, whether we are still physically cycling or not; energetically this continues whether we have our womb or are still bleeding.

We are meant to rest and slow down at certain times yet have a big boost in our energy at other times, that’s when we can feel like superwoman! That being said, we live in a linear world, which often sees women’s cycles as little more than an inconvenience and the womb as being little more than a baby-making machine, which can be turned on and off as we please. We get stuck in action mode, trying to meet the demands of our never-ending to-do list. This can lead to us becoming exhausted, disconnected and depleted.

As a Moon Mother, I feel privileged to support women to connect with their female energy & empower them to connect with their cyclical nature. It isn’t always easy to do this, due to how hectic our lifestyles can be, so the more tools we have in our toolbox, the better! Every 28 days or so every woman cycles through the four female archetypes – Maiden (pre-ovulation), Mother (ovulation), Enchantress (pre-menstruation) and Crone (menstruation). One of the tools I share with women to support their cycles are the beautiful gifts of the earth, doTERRA essential oils. By harnessing the power of these magical plant healers, we can connect on a deeper level to the waves of energy fluctuation throughout our cycle, whilst also harnessing their physical properties to manage any symptoms we have, such as menstrual cramps & headaches…..not to mention how they support our emotional well being!

When we bleed we are meant to rest, retreat and reflect; this is our Crone phase. At this time I love to be cosy and in my own sanctuary, diffusing oils that support with reflections & meditation such as Frankincense. For any cramps, I use Clary Calm or Peppermint to find relief. I try to keep my diary clear of anything non-essential or that requires focus, however diffusing Rosemary or Lemon really helps me to concentrate when my brain wants me to do otherwise!

As I move into pre-ovulation , I feel my dynamic self reemerge with enthusiasm! Catching up on what I missed whilst retreating, I’m full of to do lists and fresh starts! I love to begin new health goals at this time and use oils such as Motivate or Spearmint to enhance this energy. I do have to be mindful of not getting too excited and filling my diary with things I may regret taking on later in my cycle! So grounding oils such as Cedarwood and Clary Sage manage my tendency towards superwoman syndrome!

As my Mother phase, approaches I feel my nurturing, mothering energies peek, wanting to connect, communicate and collaborate. When giving birth to creative projects I love to use Wild Orange, the oil of abundance with it’s intoxicating uplifting aroma. I love to indulge in mothering my family and clients during this time, often using Rose oil on my heart to support this connection or diffusing around family & friends.

Having indulged in loved ones, I then find myself become irritated with the mundane and needing to be cautious of snapping at those around me!! This is my reminder that I am again about the enter my Crone phase, becoming pre-menstrual again. I love to journal at this time, using oils called Forgive or Peace to help dispel any difficult feelings that may come up. I start to feel the need to sleep more so love to use Vetiver and Lavender to ensure the my best quality sleep. Again I begin to claw back late night working, building in a proper lunch break and using Wild Orange and Peppermint inhaled deeply from my hands when I feel my energy dip!

I love to teach about and share this with other women, so if you feel drawn, I would love for you to reach out and connect with me (yes I’m currently in my Mother Phase!!). Otherwise, I truly hope this has opened up the idea that feeling differently, at different times is completely normal and the more you might be able to work with your personal natural rhythms, the greater you will feel love.

Adele from Harmonise you.

Visit her website www.harmoniseyou.co.uk