There has been a lot of discussions lately on hanging out your cloth pads on your washing line with all your regular laundry. Hide your cloth away from sight , or out and proud?! Personally, when I made the switch I never had an issue with anyone seeing my new cloth pads air drying out on my washing line. However if the idea of someone seeing your pads makes you cringe, you are not alone. In fact that is a very common concern amongst women who are looking into making the switch.

Having them hanging on your washing line doesn’t sound very discreet, does it?!
Well… I PROMISE no one is going to notice them. I used my cloth for 3 months before my dad glanced at the washing line and asked, are those my socks? Amongst all the vests, undies, socks and all the regular laundry your cloth pads will blend right in. As cloth pads don’t look like disposables, people often don’t realise what they are, and if they do, then they already know about them and their many benefits. I leave my cloth on the clothes horse in the house during the winter months and only one friend has commented on them ( in 3 years of using reusables ) and it was only to say how pretty they looked. So, even if someone does notice them, which happens very rarely, it often isn’t as embarrassing or awkward as you might think. It can lead to some great conversations! But if you rather keep your period as discreet as possible, it is easy to cover your cloth pads on the washing line with other laundry, or to mix it up so there isn’t a long line of cloth pads. It isn’t such a big deal as you might think!

I hope that this post has helped reassure you that drying your cloth pads out on the washing line wouldn’t be awkward or embarrassing. We live in a culture where menstruation is viewed as a private matter, and women are taught that they should hide it at all costs! It does little to acknowledge how incredible women’s cycles are. Remember, your period is healthy, natural and normal! And, you might even find that hanging out your cloth pads feels liberating…