The rather unique design of the Fun Cup is ergonomically shaped to fit your anatomy which makes it very comfortable to use. It’s one of the easiest cups out there to insert. For a small cup, it has a good capacity. The Fun Cup is made of buttery soft medical silicone and it is just divine!! The Fun Cup is my menstrual cup equivalent to those super comfy joggers we all love wearing around the house, you wouldn’t choose them for an extreme expedition, but nothing beats them! Over the past few months, the Fun Cup has been my go-to cup because it is so darn comfy and easy to use. And let’s talk about that stem or lack of it…. The Fun Cup has a little cute nub on the end with tiny raised dots to help you grip the base of the cup. If you have a low cervix this cup is just perfect, but if your cervix is high be mindful how high your cup travels. This is a soft cup so it wouldn’t be my cup of choice for a hardcore workout. However, this makes the Fun Cup an ideal choice for anyone with bladder or gyney issues like endometriosis and interstitial cystitis.

If you fancy giving the Fun cup a try then the extremely popular Fun cup and Fun cup explore kit is now back in stock. We also have the pelvic floor trainers from fun factory available in all colours.

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