Our charity work is not an afterthought!

It is an integral part of our business model as an ethical company. We’ve worked on projects as far away as Malawi and as close to home as our local food bank. We have worked to help schoolgirls in developing countries gain access to menstrual care products so that they can continue their education. As without the means of managing menstruation girls will often miss up to 20% of their education or drop out of school entirely. But now, girls in the UK are facing the same problem. Yesterday the BBC reported that girls in a school in Leeds were dropping out of school due to being too poor to afford sanitary products. One teenager told the BBC she taped toilet roll to her underwear and missed school “every month” because of her period.

Our ovaries are outraged this is happening in 2017 Britain!

Needless to say, Eco dreams will be taking steps to expand our charitable work in the UK.

Here are 4 ways you can help schoolgirls in need:

1: Donate pads and tampons to your local food bank. Menstrual products are normally in short supply at food banks because few people think of donating them, but they are very much needed!

2: If you are a teacher, school nurse etc. Make sure that there is always a good supply of pads and tampons for girls that need them.

3: Spread the word! For schoolgirls that have got their periods but cannot afford to buy pads, the issue is very real!!! Share articles on social media and spread awareness.

4: Set up a fundraiser to buy menstrual products to donate to charities.

To find out more about our charity projects click here.

We believe that every girl has the right to a dignified and healthy period!

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