I was very excited to try out the Fun cup from the Fun factory as I had found the sleek design of the Lily cup very appealing however the Lily cup is too long for me to comfortably use it. So I was delighted to find out that a new menstrual cup with similar features to the Lily cup had come onto the market. Can I just say? the packaging is well just so fun and cute. It comes in a recyclable box that includes an antimicrobial magnetic pouch to store your fun cups in, a booklet and instruction manual both of which are well-written and informative.
It’s made in Germany by the Fun factory a sex toy Company from high-quality medical grade silicone. It’s available in some very pretty colours depending on size.
The Fun cup comes in a Fun cup Explorer pack and Fun cup double pack.
I find the design of the Fun cup to be very interesting as it doesn’t have a stem instead the base of the cup is solid with very slight grip rings. Firmness is on the softer side which makes it very comfortable but a little more difficult to pop open. What I find to be the standout feature of this cup is the anatomical design, it really has been well thought out and is very comfortable to use because of this. If you suffer from chronic urinary tract infections or any vulva/vaginal skin condition then this is the cup for you as it will not cause any irritation.
Now onto the capacity and sizing, The fun cup has a pretty generous capacity for its size.The Fun cup A holding 20 ml and the Fun cup B holding 30 ml. As far as the sizing recommendations go they are pretty standard, Fun cup A for those that have not given birth and that are under 30 and Fun cup B for those who have given birth and that are over 30. However, the company does elaborate further on sizing guidelines on their website. Though I would quite like to see them ditch the stereotypical sizing guidelines for good. As here at Eco dreams, we have found them to be blatantly inaccurate.
As far as usability goes, firstly I sterilised it using Milton sterilising tablets, you must always sterilise your cup before use. I found the Fun cup be fairly easy to use once I had figured out which way to insert the fold as you cannot turn this cup upside down for insertion. It’s probably one of the most comfortable menstrual cups to insert that I’ve tried. And that’s saying something considering I have a LOT of menstrual cups. It did need a little bit of coaxing to get it to pop open however this is to be expected considering the resistance of this cup is soft. The air suction holes are very small and this does not help the cup pop open.
I found it to be very comfortable for the whole 12 hr and there was no leaking. Removal was fairly easy and mess free I did, however, have to reach up a little higher than normal to break the suction due to the base of the Fun cup being so solid.
Here’s a quick rundown of the pros and cons.
  •  Very comfortable.
  •  No bladder pressure.
  • The silicone feels really nice and is high-quality.
  • You get two cups in the pack.
  • Doesn’t leak if inserted correctly.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Great value for money.
  • Only comes with one storage pouch.
  • A little difficult to pop open due to the soft silicone.
  • Not suitable if you have a high cervix as you will find it very difficult to remove.
  • Grip rings are slippery and not sufficiently raised, however, this would be great if you suffer from irritation.
  • air holes are a bit small.
If you’ve been wanting to try the Lily cup original but your cervix is too low then I would highly recommend giving the fun cup a go.
Overall, I will definitely continue to use my fun cup as it is a very comfortable menstrual cup thanks to its great anatomical design and the quality is superb. At just £33.99 for two cups, that’s around £16 a cup it offers exceptional value for money. You can purchase it here
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