Great question! 🤔

This is actually one of the biggest menstrual cup myths going around the interweb at the moment.

Menstrual cups do NOT suction directly to the cervix, and here’s why….

Tampons are designed to be worn up against the cervix, where they absorb the blood and expand until they need to be changed. Menstrual cups, on the other hand, are designed to sit much lower down in the vaginal canal – just past the pubic bone. Once inserted the cup will create a light vacuum this is what holds the cup in place and stops any leaks. Menstrual cups don’t suction directly to anything, including your cervix, rather it is a combination of this light vacuum and your pelvic floor that holds the cup in place.

The cervix is a muscular type structure that feels like the tip of your nose and is shaped a little bit like a doughnut, with the os in the middle which is the whole that opens to allow passage between the uterus and vagina. The cervix also has a habit of moving around during your cycle, so it might be tilting off to the side or much lower than you expected it to be. So if the cup was suctioned directly to your cervix not only would it be incredibly painful, but the cup would leak constantly! Another thing is that menstrual cups (with the exception of a few brands) are much wider than your cervix. You will find that your cervix can sit quite happily inside the cup, leaving your cervix free to do its thing!

But you’ve heard horror stories! 😱 We hear you, and our 8 years of industry experience means that we’ve heard a few horror stories too. And here’s the thing it’s not entirely impossible for a menstrual cup to get stuck to your cervix. Even if it’s incredibly rare and doesn’t happen if your cup fits you correctly. Which is why we constantly are banging the ‘don’t buy a cup without making sure it fits first’ drum! 🥁 In our experience, the damage in these situations actually comes from well-meaning medical professionals trying to pull the cup out, rather than the cup itself. So what to do if you find yourself ‘stuck’ in this sticky situation?! Firstly check out all the great resources on getting your cup out on our website.

If that fails and you are sure that the cup is suctioned to your cervix you will need to seek medical attention. Unfortunately, medical professionals don’t always know how to correctly remove a menstrual cup and this is where issues arise. But don’t worry! The important thing to remember is to not let them try to just pull the cup out, instead ask them to put a hole in the base of the cup this will instantly release the vacuum and allow them to remove it quickly and without pain. It’s also good to remember that these stories are an unfortunate combination of a very ill-fitting menstrual cup and not knowing how to remove the cup correctly. Many many people around the world use a menstrual cup every month comfortably, successfully and safely!! As long as your cup fits your cervix is safe. So please don’t let myths and horror stories put you off. Check out our resources including our FREE PDF and video walking you through choosing your first menstrual cup step-by-step.

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