I recently found this post 75 Things To Do If Your Menstrual Cup Is Stuck Inside You by buzz feed though extremely entertaining it failed to mention the best tips and tricks to getting those little suckers out!

1 Relax it’s going to be a nightmare getting it out if you’re all tense or nervous. So get in the bath and lights and candles and grab yourself a glass of wine or do anything that makes you relaxed.

2 squat down, this shortens your vaginal canal and makes it easier to grab the bottom of your cup. Three push down with your PC muscles, don’t strain just gentle pushes will get the cup down.

4 if you’re having problems gripping the bottom of the cup use a bit of toilet roll or a washcloth to help you to grasp the base of the cup.

5 relax your jaw, no kidding keeping your jaw relaxed also relaxes your PC muscles.

6 if you can reach the bottom of your cup and are just having problems breaking the seal. You can insert your longest finger in till you reach the rim of the cup then hook your finger around the rim of the cup and break the seal. Slowly pull down and remove.

8 The hot dog in the bun method.

9 if the cup has ridden up inside you and you can’t reach the base even while pushing down with your PC muscles. You can use a sterilised spoon to hook it out as a last resort. Sterilise the spoon in boiling water then insert the handle part of the spoon as far as you can without hurting yourself. Then use the handle of the spoon to push down on your menstrual cup and break the seal, angle the spoon downwards and out holding a gentle pressure against your menstrual cup. Make sure to keep your self relaxed to avoid any pain. Please note try the steps above first.

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