it’s autism awareness month, and to celebrate here is a post dedicated to autism and cloth pads!

Autism is a spectrum condition, which can affect people in different ways. However, one prevalent issue that people on the spectrum experience is sensory processing issues! This means that someone with Autism may have difficulty processing everyday sensory information. Anyone of a person’s senses can be affected, such as sight, smell and touch. These sensory differences mean that senses may be over- or under-sensitive, or both, at different times. Normal sensory stimuli such as bright lights, loud music, and certain tactile stimuli such as rough fabrics can be very challenging for a person on the spectrum to manage. This can lead to overwhelm and even a meltdown!
Have you ever worn a piece of clothing with an annoying tag? Well.. for someone on the spectrum it’s like that x 10!!
Disposable pads are not synonymous with comfort, and periods can be particularly challenging for people on the spectrum. So here are five reasons why cloth pads are great for someone with sensory issues!

1. There are soooo many fabrics to choose from! Cloth pads come in a wide range of materials such as flannel, cotton, pro-cool jersey and super soft Minky! This means that you can choose cloth pads that meet your sensory needs – and your period needs too!

2. Remember the ripping noise that the disposable pad packaging makes as you open it? Well.. you can say bye-bye to that horrible noise! Cloth pads are quiet and discrete, a simple ‘snap’, and you are all done and ready to go.

3. No perfumes or additives! Conventional disposable pads are almost entirely made up of plastic, which can make them very sweaty and uncomfortable. Fragrances are often added to disposable pads which people on the spectrum may find overpowering. The commonly associated irritation and external allergic reactions to the aromas and additives in these products can be even more distressing to someone on the spectrum.

4. Many people with autism struggle with change. Cloth pads are fun and made in a wide range of cute prints, this means that they can make first periods less scary and daunting for someone on the spectrum.

5. Period underwear is also an excellent option for someone on the spectrum as they feel just like slightly thicker underwear.

We hope you found this blog post helpful, and it’s hopefully got you thinking about the different ways our products can benefit people with sensory issues. Our team has a great deal of experience with our products and is also knowledgeable when it comes to disabilities. So if you have a question about our products and Autism (or any other type of disability) we are always happy to chat! Just leave a comment or email us at info@ecodreams.co.uk.

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